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Esenvalds, Eriks (1977)

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Adoremus in aeternum (a.sax., p-no)
The Pleiades (SSAATTBB-3(III=picc).3(III=corA).3(III-bcl).3(III-dbn)-
Gaoh and the Four Winds (SSAATTBB; sax. quartet; bd)
Dreams Under Your Feet (SSA; SSAATTBB; Water-tuned Glasses; Perc.: vib., mar., piatto sosp., campanelli, campane, t.-t., gr.c.; strings)
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven II (solo S, SSATTBB)
Be Thou my Vision (SATB; org.)
Ancient Prairie (SATB; SSAATTBB)
Late Autumn (soli; SSSAAATTTBBB)
Sing for the Peace of the World (voice; p-no/guit.)
The Night Went Out Alone (SSAATTBBB)
Four Songs with Text by Jānis Baltvilks (for upper voices, p-no)
My Love is in a Light Attire (SATBB; vc.)
War – A Soldier’s Grave (SSAATTBB)
Tantum ergo (Mez; SSAATTBB)
Coruscatio (TTTTBBBB)
My Childhood Home (SSAATTBB)
Tonight (SSAATTBB; w.-tuned glasses (ad lib.))
Where Does My Sleep Dwell in the Daytime? (SA;p-no)
Where Does My Sleep Dwell in the Daytime? (SSA; p-no)
Winter Stars (SSAATTBB; water-tuned glasses)
Shoe (SSSAAA; ch.bells, 2 fl., guit.)
Shoe (SSAATTBB; ch.bells/2 fl., guit)
Fanfare (symphony orchestra)
My Thoughts (solo S, SSAATTBB; perc.)
Night in the City (db.; p-no)
Where is Heaven? (SSAATTBB; chimes/hanbells (ad lib.))
Be Still, My Soul (SSAATTBB)
Be Thou My Vision (SATB; pno.)
To Rose (SSAA; pno.)
Song of the Flower (SSSAAA; chimes)
The Time Has Come (SS, SSATBB)
Arirang (SSATBB)
Danny Boy (soli S Bar, SSAAAA+SSTTBB)
O Salutaris Hostia (TT/SS soli; TTBB)
Tas, kas tālumā (SSAATTB)
Northern Lights (TTTTBBBB, power chimes and water-tuned glasses)
In the Bleak Midwinter (SSAATTBB)
On Friendship (SATB, SAT)
Beatitudes (soli SS, SSAATTBB)
Adoremus in Aeternum (soli SSS, SSAA)
Selected Songs for Mixed Choir II ()
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (solo S, SSATTBB)
Water Lilies (T/B solo; pno)
Nightfall (Two soloists, SSAATTBB; Vlc.)
High Flight (SSSAAA)
A Shadow (SSAATTBB, C-lli)
Sing for the Peace of the World (Boy/S, Bar soli, SSATB; pno.)
The Sea Wind (SSAATTBB; handbells)
The Woman and Her Bear (SSAA, SSAATTBB; cl., Fl., p-no, vln., Vc., perc: vibr., piatto susp., mar., Gran Cassa)
Latvian Composers for the Centenary of Latvia ()
Longing (SSAATTBB)
85 (SATB; vlc.; org.)
Ancient Prairie (SATB, SSAATTBB; vln.)
I Believe (SSATTBB; solo Vln., vln.I, vln.II, vla, Vlc., D.b.)
Lux Aeterna (TTBarBB)
Lux Aeterna (SSMsAA)
Lux Aeterna (SSATBarB)
Proclamation (SSATBB)
Spring Rain (solo S, SSATBB, guit (ad lib.))
Translation (SATB, SATTB; w-tuned glasses)
She Walks In Beauty (SSAATTBB)
Litany of the Heavens (in English) (mixed choir; electronics; chamber orchestra/symphony orchestra)
My Song (TTBB; pno)
Love's Philosophy (T ad lib., TTBB, TTB; shaker, djembe ad lib.)
Salutation (SSATBB)
Mistletoe (SSATBB)
There Will Come Soft Rains (SSAATTBB)
The Cloud (SSAATTBB)
Passion according to St Luke (for soli, Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra)
Who Can Sail Without the Wind (S solo, SSATTB; p-no/hp.)
Selected Songs for Mixed Choir ()
Who Can Sail Without the Wind (for children`s choir (S solo, SSA); p-no/hp.)
My Song (for children's choir (SSAA) and piano)
Sing for the Peace of the World (soli, SSAA, Pno)
Seven Wonders (solo, SSA, Pno)
The Bear Cubes (solo, SSA; pno)
Selected Songs for Upper Voice Choir ()
Over the Hills: for conductors ()
Over the Hills: for singers ()
Songs for mixed choir 2 ()
Amber Eyes (S solo, SSAAATTTBB; folk-kokles; perc.)
Miserere mei, Deus (choir SSATB; ensemble MS solo, SSATB)
Psalm 130 (cTcTTTBBBBB)
Lakes Awake At Dawn (Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra)
By My Spirit (SSAA, Pno)
My Song (SSAA, Pno)
Only in Sleep (S solo, SSSAAA, perc.)
The Holy Ghost (SSAATTBB)
We are the Memory (TTTBBB)
The Treasure (solo S, SSATB)
At Thy Cross (Bar solo; SATB; pno.)
The Light of Eternity (SSATTBB)
Let us sing about God (SSAATTBB)
Little Ilze's Prayer (Solo voice, SSAATTBB)
Prayer (SATB)
Hands of Jesus (Solo voice, SSAATTBB)
Long Road (SA soli, SSAAA; perc.)
The Earthly Rose (Part 6 from the cycle "City Songs") (SSATTB, pno./hp.)
My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose (S/T solo, SSAATTBB, rec./tin whistle or fiddle)
Long Road (T solo, TTTBBB; perc.)
Зеленая сказка (symphony orchestra, narrator)
Green Story (symphony orchestra, narrator)
O Magnum Mysterium (SSATBB, w-tuned glasses; crystal bowls)
A Soldier's Mother's Lullaby (SSAATTBB)
Trees (S solo, SSAA, water-tuned glasses)
My Song (mixed choir, Pno)
Nunc Dimittis (for mixed choir (solo voice, SSATTBB))
Magnificat (Solo voice, SSATTBB)
Butterfly Voices ()
The Earthly Rose (of the cycle "City Songs") (SSATTB; sax.; pno.; perc.; string orchestra (vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., db.))
Whispers on the Prairie Wind (Simfoniskajam orķestrim un korim,)
Wandering Heart (TTTTBBBB; chimes, ch.bells/metallophones, Tibetan Bell, water-tuned glasses)
Six Little Drummers (SSAA; perc.)
Infelix ego (Soli SACtTBB, SSAATTBB)
Go Away, Rain (Solistiem (SSSATB), dubultkorim (9SSAATTBB+SSAATTBB))
Nordic Light (SSAATTBB; symphony orchestra; pre-recorded Audio and Video Projections)
Landscape with Shepherds (soli (3 girls, 3 boys); SSSAATTBB)
The Angel's Message (SATB)
O Salutaris Hostia (SS soli, SSAA)
At Sunrise (SSAATTBB, 2 bsn., 2 tpt, 3 tbn.; 2 perc.; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Let’s gather, let’s be in harmony (SSATBB, solo, perc., pno.)
Trees (T solo, TTBB, water-tuned glasses)
The First Tears (SSSSSSAAAAAATTTBB, perc. (susp.cym., drum))
Parallels (SBar soli, mixed choir, instrumental ensemble (guit., shak.))
The People's Festival Songs for Group Singing ()
Trinity Te Deum (SSAATTBB, 3 tpt., 3 tbn., perc., hp., org.)
Voice of the Ocean (fl.; org.; perc.: bd., cym., susp.cym., tri., ch.bells, chimes, vib., timp.; vln. I, vln. II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Holy Rock (SSAATTB)
My Youth is Yours (SSATBB)
You are never alone (SSAATTB)
Within Yours Sight (SATB)
Summer Full of Flowers (SATB)
Starry night (solo, SSAATTBB)
Reflections in the Water (cl., vc., pno.)
Panis Angelicus (soli SS, SSAA)
Six Little Drummers (SSAATBB, perc.)
Let it be forgotten (solo S, SSAATTBB)
O, She Doth Teach the Torches to Burn Bright (T solo, SSAATTBB, tamb.)
Northern Lights (solo S, SSSSAAAA, power chimes and water-tuned glasses)
Sonnet 71 (SSAATTBB, tubular bells, water-tuned glasses)
The New Moon (SSSAATTTBB, ch.bells, water-tuned glasses)
Frozen Horizon (pno.)
Earth Teach Me Quiet (SSAATTBB, water tuned glasses, mar.)
A Green Story, CD ()
A Green Story, CD ()
Who Can Sail Without the Wind (SSA; pno./hp.)
Song of the soul (solo, SSA. pno.)
Song of the Soul (SBar. soli; SSATB; pno.)
Stars (TTTBBB and 6 water-tuned glasses)
Stars (SSSAAA and 6 water-tuned glasses)
Songs for Male Voice Choirs ()
The Heavens' Flock (SSAATTBB)
Songs for Mixed Choir II ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs II ()
Songs for 5th-9th Class and Girls' Choirs II ()
XI Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival: Conductor's Book ()
Seneca's Zodiac (SSSAAATTTBBB; water-tuned glasses; bass drum, rain tree, tibetan bowls (low, medium, high), comb-and-paper; prepared piano)
At Christmas (TTBB)
Choral Anthology 1 (mixed choir (SATB))
Choral Anthology 2 (mixed choir (SATB))
A Baltic Christmas (mixed choir (SATB))
Songs for Female Choir 2 ()
With Eternity in My Heart (SSATBB)
Aqua (SSAATTBB; w-tuned glasses; vln.I., vln.II., Vla., Vlc., Db.)
O Emmanuel (Solo voice, SSAATTBB)
At Christmas (SATB)
At Christmas (SATB)
This Is My Father's World (Solo voice, SSAATTBB)
In Paradisum (SSAATTBB; vla., Vlc.)
Litany of the Heavens (mixed choir; electronics; chamber orchestra/symphony orchestra)
Visions of Arctic: night (Cl. in Bb; symphony orchestra; electronics)
The Great Celebration Concert of the 8th World Choir Games ()
Let's Gather (Solo voice, SSSAAA; percussion, keyboard (Pads))
Let's Gather (Solo voice, SSAATTBB; percussion)
Let's Gather (Solo voice, SSSAA; percussion, keyboard (Pads))
Songs About Latvia's Rivers ()
The Shine of Eternity ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs- for singers ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs- for conductors ()
Trees (T solo; SATB; water-tuned glasses)
I Have Loved Hours At Sea (SSAATTBB; glockenspiel (or metallophone); two rainsticks)
Psalm 67 (Bar. solo, SSAATTBB)
Magnificat; Nunc Dimittis (Solo voice, SSATTBB)
A Christmas Legend (soloists; mixed choir; percussion; electronics (tape))
Rivers of Light (soli SB, SSAATTBBB; jew's harp in C)
Spring, the Sweet Spring (SSS soli, SSSAAA)
I Stand and Sing (SSAATTBB)
Stars (SSAATTBB and water-tuned glasses)
Only in Sleep (Solo voice, SSAATTBB and perc. (susp. cymb.))
Northern Lights (T solo, SSAATTBB; power chimes; water-tuned glasses)
On Christmas Eve (SATB, soli SA; instr.ens. (ob., perc., hp., pno., vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., db.))
Vineta (Mixed choir (SSAAATTTBBB); Percussion (Vib., C-lli, C-ne, G.C., P-tto sosp.))
Ubi caritas et Amor (SSSAAA)
Long Road (Vocal group (SATB), Mixed choir (SSAATTBB))
Sunset: St. Louis (SSSSAATTBBBB, tape)
Sun-Dogs (SSAAATTBBB and triangle)
Passion and Resurrection (solo (S); mixed choir (SATB quartet, SS soli, SSAATTBB); vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., db.(strings - minim. 65432))
O Salutaris Hostia (SS soli, SSAATTBB)
O Salutaris Hostia (SS soli, SSAA)
O Salutaris Hostia (soli S/T, Ms; 2 perc., hp., vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Nocturne (2 fl., 2 ob., 2 B, 2 bsn.; 2 F, 2 B; perc.; vln.I (div.2), vln.II (div.2), vla.(div.2), vc.(div.2), Db.)
Night Prayer (SSSAAATTBB)
Long Road (Vocal group (SATB), Mixed choir (SSAATTBB))
Lielupe River (SSAATBB)
Legend of the Walled-in Woman (Vocal ensemble (ATTBB), Mixed choir (SSSAATTBB))
Laudate Dominum (A sax., org.)
Frontiers of Time (vln. I (div.6), vln. II (div.5), vla. (div.4), vc. (div.4), db. (div.2))
Songs of Silence (guit.; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Who is He? (SAATB, flute and piano)
Seascape (Pno)
In My Little Picture frame (ST soli, SSSAATTBB and percussion)
Impressions of Saaremaa (cl., Vc.)
Genesis (SSAATTBB, sax. (SATB), perc.: (I-timp., chimes, vib., s.susp.cym., cym., tri., II-timp., susp.cym., t.-t., bd., mar., chimes), org.)
Sing to the Lord, All the Earth (boys', girls', mixed choir, solo S, symphony orchestra and organ)
The River Gauja's Playful Daughter (S solo, SSAA)
Visions fugitives (ob., cl., bsn., perc. I, II, pno., vln., Vla., Vc., Db.)
Fantasia I (Fl., cl., vln., Vla., Vc., pno.)
Fantasia for organ (Organ)
Evening (S solo, SSAATTBB)
Song of the Soul (2 soli, TTBB, pno.)
Dun Fhearghusa (Newgrange) (Fl., Ob, 2 Cl. in B, Bsn.; Hn. in F, Tpt. in B, Tbn.; 2 Perc., Pno.; 2 Vln., Vla., Vc., Db.)
God`s Heart (voice and piano)
Songs of David (S; a.sax.; organ)
Freedom (TTBB)
Benedictus Es (SSSAAA)
Eight Japanese Haiku (SSSSSSAAAAAA)
Amazing Grace (S. solo, SSAATTBB)
Go Away, Rain (SSAATBB, soli SAT/B, pno., bd.)
Go Away, Rain (Soli SSSATB, I choir SSAATTBB, II choir SSAATTBB; pipe, bd., acc., 2 kokles)
River Aiviekste (Midsummer morning) (SATB)
Lift up Your Eyes (solo S, SATBB, pno.)
A Drop in the Ocean (S solo, SSSAAATTBB)