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Porietis, Janis (1953 - 2021)

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Jānis Porietis
Jānis Porietis
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Jānis Porietis was born on November 14th, 1953 in Riga. He studied at the Emils Dārziņš College of Music in the boys’ choir class. In 1972, he finished his studies in two specialties: choir conducting and music theory. There he also studied composition with Ģederts Ramans. He studied in the compositional department at the Latvian State Conservatory in Jānis Ivanovs’ class, which he graduated in 1977. While studying, in 1976 he began work at Latvian Radio as a music recording sound director and continued this work until 1991. From 1974 until 1998 he taught composition at the Emils Dārziņš College of Music. He worked as a teacher of composition in the music schools of Cēsis, Gulbene, and Ērgļi. As of 2000, he is a teacher of composition at the 2nd Music College of Riga. While serving his mandatory time in the army, he directed the army popular music ensemble Zvaigznīte. He led the children’s vocal instrumental ensemble Kolibri. He is one of few composers in Latvia who has been the director of a musical instruction institution – he worked as the director of the Alfrēds Kalniņš College of Music in Cēsis (1991–2000). He was the director of the Latvian Republic Culture Ministry State Cultural Education Centre (2000–2005), as of 2005, he is a member of the Latvian Republic Parliament. He has published reviews of concerts and writings about the work of social organizations.

As of 1980, Jānis Porietis is a member of the Latvian Composer’s Union. As of 1997 – a board member of the Cultural Support Fund KLĒTS Foundation in Cēsis. The composer is also an honorary member of the LMIIA (the Association of Music Education Institutions of Latvia).