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Porietis, Janis (1953 - 2021)

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Drawing (SSA)
National Holiday (SA)
Incantation (SSAA)
Pure Joy (SA; p-no)
Puddle (SA; p-no)
Student Time (SSAATB)
Prelude - Allusion (p-no)
Morning (SAA; p-no)
Let Us Sing This Evening (SSA; p-no)
The Great Watercolour Painting (voice; p-no; vib., ch.bells, tri.)
Summer Thunder ()
The Sun Belongs to Children (SSA)
In a Folk Song (SATB)
Your Name! (SSAATTBB)
Timtirims (SSA; p-no)
Language (TTBB)
Boys' Song (SA)
Counting Rhyme for Dogs (SA; p-no)
Nighttime Words (S solo, SATB)
March for Every New Year (SAA; p-no)
Counting Rhyme for Hide and Seek (children's ensemble and piano)
Don’t Sink, Oak Tree! (SSATB)
Homeland (SAATBB)
Biki - buki (children's ensemble/solo voice; piano)
Kokle Song (SSA; kokle ensemble)
Instead of a Letter (voice; p-n)
Spirit Jokes (voice; instrumental ensemble)
Under the Sun (SSAA)
Little Star, Little Spark (SA; p-no)
Oh, Lovely Brown Cows (SAA; p-no)
Chestnuts (voice; p-no)
Bird Cherry (SSA; p-no)
Look, Hyacinth! (vocal ensemble; p-no)
Kokle Song (SAA/TBB; p-no)
White Key, Black Key (SA; p-no)
Joke (acc.)
Piano Pieces for Children ()
Purring Song (voice; p-no)
In the Sun (2 kokles / kokle ensemble)
Pandemonium (SSA; p-no)
The Wind Swings Her Little Birds (SA)
The Sun's Dowry (SAA/TBB)
Blow, North Wind (SSA)
Jingle, Jingle, Click, Clack (SSA)
Clown Rooster (SSA; p-no)
Lilac Song (vocal ensemble; p-no)
Rain Drop (SA; p-no)
Oh, You! (SSA; p-no)
Dawn (Fl., vln.)
Song of the Rye Grain (voice; p-no)
Jānis, Bang Your Copper Drum! (vln. I, vln. II, vln. III, vln.IV; p-n)
Evening Conversation (voice; p-no)
Born to the Night (SSAATBB)
It’s Christmas Time Again (SAATBB; p-no)
Elegy (p-no)
The Organ Grinder (TTB;p-no)
Our Cesis (SSAATB)
Love Story I, II (bar; p-no)
Two Yellow Ponies (vln.I, vln.II, vln.III, vln.IV; p-no)
Čaks' Motif (SAATBB; p-no)
Different Songs (for upper voices/ensembles; p-no)
Christine (SAATB)
Song of Slumber (SAA)
Gymnopédie Nr.1 (SSAATBBB)
Going Off to War (vln.I, vln.II, vln.III, vln.IV; pno.)
My Skies (SSSAA)
Long Row of Piglets Running (SA; p-no)
Little birdie! (SSA; p-no)
Five Mice in Chaff (SSA)
Mice Mill (voice and piano)
Look, Here's the Stone Dad (solo voice/children's ensemble)
The Grasshopper's Sister (SAA, p-no)
Sunhares (SA; p-no)
Sad Song (SSSSAAA)
String Quartet (vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc.)
I Go Into the World (SAATB; p-no)
The Strength of Nine Boys (for boys' choir (SA))
To Cēsis (SSAATBB)
Bubble Song (SSA)
Forever and Always (SAA; p-no)
The Present on Christmas (choir, 2 voices; pno.)
Once There Was… (children's ensemble and piano)
Laudamus II ()
Visions (Bar solo; pno.)
Dance (vln.; cl.; pno.)
When Winter Leaves (2 pno.)
Winter (SSSSAAA)
They said... (Bar., pno.)
Once I Took From The Sun (S, pno.)
A Wedding Day Dedication (vln.)
For Veidenbaums (SAATB)
Variaton on Spring (SSAATTBB)
Variations (pno.)
Don’t You Wonder (TTBBB, pno.)
Three Sketches (Fl., pno.)
Three miniatures to poems by Imants Ziedonis (Mez., pno.)
Three Dialogs (Fl., Db.)
Toccata (pno.)
So Young (SSAA)
Legend (org.)
Folksong (ob.)
For Riga Of Today (SAATTBB, pno.)
This Life Was Empty (Bar., Pno)
Festival Prelude (tpt., pno.)
Celebration in the Ice Palace (SATB, pno.)
Sonata (pno.)
Sonata ostinato (pno.)
Snows, Winds (Mez, pno.)
An Ancient Song (TTTBB)
Sit at the Table, Lad (SSAA)
The Sun Departs in a Golden Boat (SATB, pno.)
The Sun Scolded the Moon (SSATB, pno.)
Morning (vln.I (div.4), vln.II (div.3), vla. (div.2), vc. (div.2), Db.)
The Flowers' Joke (TTBB)
Poem (vln., pno.)
In Memoriam (SSAATTBB)
Spring Watercolour (vln., pno.)
Pastorale (Fl., ob., cl.)
Tut-Tut, I’ll Tell Mother! (SSAA)
Little Frozen Droplet (Mez; pno.)
Do Not Leave It (SATB)
The Fallen on The Island Of Death (SSAATTBB)
Day Is Breaking (SATB)
Eternity (SAATB)
Monologue (vln.)
A Maiden's Story (kokle (SATB))
Meditation (pno.)
A Somewhat Mournful Day (vln., Vc., pno.)
Little Fairy Tale (pno.)
Little Fantasy (pno.)
Prayer (solo T, pno.)
The Rain (pno.)
Latvia (SSSAAA)
The Boat (SSAATBB)
The Beauty of My Father’s Homestead (SAA)
Where the Grass Is Green (SATB)
Where are You Rushing to, My Little Cockerel? (pno.)
Who Slept on Midsummer Night? (vln., pno.)
Two Poems by Imants Ziedonis (Mez, pno.)
Question (SSATTBB)
If You Are Friend (Mez., pno.)
It’s Christmas Time Again (SSAATTB; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Ich bitte nicht um Glück der Erden (Mez., org.)
Gavotte (pno.)
Vast Forest (SSAATTBB)
Words of the Spirit (SSATB)
I Climbed a Hill to Hear the Voices of the Forest (TBB)
I am Waiting for You (SSAATTBB)
See Them Stately Soldiers (SSAA)
Life (Mez., pno.)
Song About The Stork (SATB, pno.)
Two Preludes (pno.)
Two Moods (pno.)
Two miniatures for mixed choir (SSAATTB)
Weird Dance (Fl., vln., pno.)
Diatonic Improvisation (pno.)
Dance (Vla., pno.)
Different Tempers (pno.)
Little Crickets (2 vln.)
Visiting Grandfather`s Country Home (pno.)
We were Young... (TTTBB)
Smoke Beyond the Hill (2 pianos (8 hands))