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Kaupers, Renars (1974)

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Renārs Kaupers, artistic name Reynard Cowper (born 1 September 1974 in Jelgava) is a Latvian pop singer and songwriter.
He is the lead singer of the Latvian pop/rock band Brainstorm, which won third at the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 with their song "My Star". He hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in Riga, Latvia, with co-host Marija Naumova (stage name Marie N), and also hosted Congratulations, the Eurovision 50th anniversary concert in Copenhagen, Denmark, with Katrina Leskanich.
Kaupers graduated from University of Latvia in 1996 with a degree in journalism. He can speak at least three languages with fluency: English, Latvian, and Russian.
Kaupers' ancestors were probably Baron Friedrich von Stuart from Courland (1761–1842) and Immanuel Kant's niece Henrietta Kant. He has a wife, Agnese, twin sons Edgars and Emīls, and another son Ārons.
In 2001, Renārs received the Latvian Film Prize as the best actor for his role in Vecās pagastmājas mistērija.
Kaupers' sons Edgars and Emīls run the indiepop group Carnival Youth.