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Music Publisher Musica Baltica Announces Partnership with Composer Kārlis Lācis (27/09/2021)

Music publish Musica Baltica has begun a partnership with composer Kārlis Lācis, who has proven himself not just in classical music, but also in music for theatre, cinema, jazz, pop and other fields. His oeuvre is a synthesis of many different genres of music, and explores arranging and instrumentation without shying away from musical experiments.

His published works offer insight into the composer’s body of work: Rorate coeli for soprano, alto saxophone and organ; choral pieces (Bērniņ, neēd, kad dziesmu dzied; Es bij' meita), chamber music (String Quintet; Latvju tango for accordion and string quintet, Ainava for alto saxophone) and piano pieces (Dziedājums, Latvju tango). Pieces in progress include: Ziemassvētku kantāte, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, choral works including Puiši meitas, meitas puišus, vajmandieniņ, nemīlēj', Putnu alūzijas, Skaitāmpanti and others.

Composer, pianist, arranger and producer Kārlis Lācis (1977) was born in Tukums. He is a graduate of the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, where he studied the piano under Juris Kalnciems (1997-2001, Bachelor’s; 2003-2005, Master’s), and composition under Juris Karlsons (2001-2002).

He is a recipient of the Spēlmaņu Nakts Award (2011, 2013), the Annual Latvian Music Recording Award (2012) and the Diena Annual Culture Award (2006, 2013).

Foto by Jānis Deinats


Lācis Kārlis