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New book for piano! (07/12/2021)

We are pleased to announce that Three Variations on the Themes of Latvian Folk Songs, composer Gundega Šmite’s collection of variations for piano, has been published. Each variation cycle is based on a Latvian folk song: Kas dimd?(What is Rumbling?), Rīga dimd (Riga Rings) and Sidrabiņa lietiņš lija (Silver Rain Fell).

Before each variation, the composer has written a letter with a special message which reveals the composer’s source of inspiration and explains the symbols and special playing techniques used.

The variations in this collection would be great as teaching material for learning contemporary piano technique, and would also make interesting, witty additions to a concert programme for pianists.

We will soon offer a video clip by the composer with practical demonstrations of contemporary playing technique.

We would particularly like to highlight our partnership with young artist Patrīcija Māra Vilsone, whose elegant designs are incorporated so organically into our contemporary music publications.

Musica Baltica's YouTube channel includes clips by Gundega Šmite in which she gives practical demonstrations and explanations of the piano techniques used in her collection of variations.


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