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Pēteris Plakidis. Songs for Mixed Choir. ( 06/01/2022 )

In honour of the memory of Pēteris Plakidis, publisher Musica Baltica is releasing a collection of his songs for choir: Songs for Mixed Choir. The collection includes both works which have been published previously as well as works published for the first time, including Legend, his one-part cantata; his little-known Two Chants From The Old Testament; his arrangement of the Latvian folk song Smoke Beyond the Hill; his songs In the Dawn Hour, Song of Bread, The Kurzeme Coast, the Vidzeme Coast and Lifetime Landscape; as well as Scythe in the Apple Tree (Anno 1944), a miniature which was found among the composer's early manuscripts after his death, and which was probably not performed due to the content of the poem used. 

The collection is enriched by a foreword written by Mārīte Dombrovska, and all information is available in two languages: Latvian and English.