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The following conditions apply when using SIA Musica Baltica’s website www.musicabaltica.com, which determine the relationship between SIA Musica Baltica, registration number 40103114067, legal address: K Barona street 39, Riga LV-1011, Latvia and the person (hereafter - buyer) making a purchase on the internet shop www.musicabaltica.com.

Sheet music in electronic (PDF) format and audio files are available for purchase and download through the SIA Musica Baltica internet shop www.musicabaltica.com.

Electronic sheet music purchase conditions:

  • To make a purchase, the buyer must be a registered www.musicabaltica.com user.
  • Only natural persons may register on the www.musicabaltica.com internet shop.
  • All prices on www.musicabaltica.com are shown in Euro. Prices include all taxes.
  • Payment for goods must be made at the time of ordering with a bank payment card (VISA, Mastercard).
  • After making a payment, electronic copies of the sheet music are instantly available in the buyer’s www.musicabaltica.com account, in addition to being sent to the email address indicated during registration. When audio files are purchased, a link to the file purchased is sent to the email address.
  • When purchasing sheet music or audio in electronic format, the buyer can state the number of copies needed. When paying, the buyer gains the rights to use the number of copies purchased.
  • SIA Musica Baltica guarantees high quality purchasing of electronic sheet music and audio files. If an order, or payment for an order, cannot be placed successfully, please email musbalt@latnet.lv.


Buyer information:

  • SIA Musica Baltica guarantees the confidentiality of information given by the buyer.
  • When registering on www.musicabaltica.com, the buyer does not object to the buyer’s indicated email address being used to receive SIA Musica Baltica updates and notifications.


Rights of refusal:

  • Rights of refusal cannot be applied to electronic (PDF) sheet music files or audio files purchased through the SIA Musica Baltica internet shop. Money from purchase of goods cannot be returned.

The use of any of the Musica Baltica internet shop web pages, its contents or information for any illegal purposes, as well as resale of sheet music and audio files is forbidden without the written permission of SIA Musica Baltica.

Any questions regarding the purchase of electronic sheet music or audio files should be sent to musbalt@latnet.lv

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