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Madgwick, Guy (1977)

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Guy Madgwick, born in Horsham, England in 1977, but raised primarily in Munich, Germany, began musical studies as a young child in the usual manner, with piano lessons. As the son of an attorney father who has a strong interest in early music, early music instruments as well as Eastern European folk musics, he manifested early on his interest in composition, demonstrating a powerful sense of melodic line, often driven by compelling rhythmic motives.

During his years at Newcastle University, whence he graduated with degrees in technical computer fields, he continued constantly to compose new works, ranging in style from traditional folkloric to ragtime to circus marches to tranquil and expressive melodies; and though his materials are unambiguous and instantly recognisable, any hint of banality is banished by an unusually individual musical mind using ordinary materials in an extraordinary fashion.

Simultaneously with the beginning of his professional career as a digital cartographer with the UK government, he began clarinet studies and currently plays principal clarinet in a local wind ensemble.

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